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Registered Design Firm with the

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Qualifications: House l Small Buildings

What does BCIN stand for?

Building Code Identification Number


What is a BCIN Designer?

Briefly, a Designer (BCIN-holder) is a registered building practitioner having the qualifications to prepare designs in compliance with the Ontario Building Code, Municipal By-Laws, and other applicable regulations in Ontario.


What is a Design Firm (BCIN-Certified)?

An organization whose application for qualification and registration to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has been approved.


What does CAD or CADD mean?

CAD: Computer-aided design, 

CADD: Computer-aided drafting & design.


What is a Small Building?

Generally speaking,  a building of 3 or fewer storeys and a horizontal area not greater than 600 m2 (~ 6,460 sf). There are other considerations regarding the intended use of the building.